General questions
If you would like to put up your ads in one of our events, don’t hesitate to "contact us" and we will gladly assist you.
You can either do the following:
# navigate to "Become a Sponsor" section in the home page and fill out the form (please don't forget to mention your contact details correctly). We'll get in touch with you.
# call us on +973 17177700 - a dedicated line for our sponsors.
Faalyat specialises in managing events of any size and kind. Not only that we provide the highest quality events but we also set the standard for event production and set the trend for the industry.
Absolutely! Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event like a business with clear strategic goals and defined milestones to ensure that your event is delivered on time and on budget. Just "contact us" and we will guide you throughout the process.
We are headquartered in Bahrain but we can organize events in other locations too. With the assistance of our partner offices in UK, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, we will happily assist you.
Yes we can! You can freely discuss your ideas with our experts and they'll be glad to guide you.
We can be discreet, if required. From conceptualization to execution, we'll manage your event. But, with our experience, we can tell when we need to step back! Rest assured that you'll have enough time to personally attend to your guests.
As soon as possible! So, we can discuss the concepts, location, logistics... everything. And your budget too!
With our expertise in event management, we would be happy to consult you on all aspects of your event. We will make sure that you will have the best event experience. We assure you that Faalyat management operates with integrity, energy and attention to detail that a company requires.
The breadth of services that we offer and our experience in handling events of any scale and importance.
We offer itinerary management, delegate badges, gifts and awards, data entry, report collation to name a few. We can also implement ROI details, if required.
We have built a portfolio of suppliers over a period of time. We call on them for our requirements on a regular basis. They are chosen for quality & flexibility. A long term business relationship allows us to negotiate the best rates.
Not if you don't want to. Our experienced team will allow you to decide your level of involvement.
Yes! We can also provide social media management and marketing associated with the event as well. If you have queries, please don't hesitate to "contact us".



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